Distribution 360

Navigating you to European distribution success

With a comprehensive, independent reference guide developed from dependable market data and analysis on Europe’s fund-distribution landscape – empowering you to make more informed business-development decisions.

Local-market experts and detailed reference points, guiding you through the European distribution maze


Evaluate market opportunites

Distribution 360 features valuable data on local channel structures and accessible assets, and analysis of regulatory impact on distributor business models – all to help you assess chances and challenges.

Fitness assessment

Find out if your products and services are fit for travel by understanding local fund-selector needs including manager selection criteria, average holding periods and different product tastes across the region.

  • Quantitative screening is useful, but for us the focus is on the qualitative experience and hence the calibre of the fund-management team is key. We prefer well-established management teams that know how to be consistently good at what they do.

    IFA · UK
  • As customers are becoming increasingly cost-sensitive, costs have become a crucial selection criterion. Also, the product range needs to suit our investment strategy.

    Discretionary Portfolio Manager · Switzerland

Local-market and cross-border guidance

Our team of industry experts has substantial experience in assessing the asset-gathering opportunities available to third-party groups in Europe's diverse and ever-changing markets.

Mackay Williams experts

Fund market specialists

Uncover the routes to new business

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