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MackayWilliams offers consultancy services designed to help fund management groups develop their strategies for gathering assets in Europe’s diverse markets. The consultancy we offer covers the following areas:

Bespoke Reports On Market Entry

We analyse and research all aspects of the domestic, pan-European and cross-border mutual fund markets. We specialise in unique analysis on assets, net sales and corporate activities of funds and fund management companies across Europe, with special emphasis on changing market dynamics, fund market entry, distribution access and market positioning.

Individual Analysis Of Brand Positioning

Through our Berlin based subsidiary, we interview over 1,000 distributors from a list of over 4,000 validated fund-buying decision makers across 11 countries in Europe. We obtain unique insights into the views and perceptions of Europe’s high volume fund buyer and selectors, offering unrivalled understanding of the minds and moods of distributors.


We organise regular events to update industry professionals on the latest trends we see develop within the European mutual fund industry in terms of market dynamics, products innovation, regulation and distribution.


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