Stay ahead of the competitive race for European retail assets

If you need to know about building and retaining assets in Europe, you need Fund Radar.

Fund Radar was founded specifically to provide asset management professionals with authoritative and innovative research on all aspects of European fund industry developments and dynamics.

Fund Analysis

Current key services offered are bespoke consultancy and publication of the widely recognised Fund Radar monthly report series. "Fund Radar – First Sight" and "Fund Radar – Second Sight" combine latest data with cutting edge commentary on both domestic and cross-border markets to assist fund groups’ senior management with their strategic planning.

Experience Is Key

MackayWlliam’s key personnel each have over twenty five years industry experience and against continually changing stock market horizons their objectives are:

  • to overcome fund market opacity with clear explanation
  • to reveal major changes taking place
  • to share latest perspectives on marketplace developments
  • to identify the companies either leading the field or setting the pace.
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