Product Innovation Perspectives

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Cutting through the marketplace clutter to equip product teams with clear, incisive indicators, Product Innovation Perspectives provides a deep analysis of the changing demands of Europe's third-party fund buying universe.

The voice of your clients drawn from more than 1,000 fund selectors


Product innovation is the key to survival and long-term prosperity.

If your role demands that you’re on top of the complexities of product demand then Product Innovation Perspectives will give you those key detailed insights to maintain competitive edge.

But market moods change and you need clear early signals.

Product Innovation Perspectives brings you expert analysis of grass-roots market intelligence drawn from qualitative comments of more than 1,000 fund selectors across 10 countries. Where should scarce resources be focused? What attributes should be emphasised? Product Innovation Perspectives will guide your strategies.

  • We should expect a change in industry thinking. There are too many standard funds. We need innovative ideas.

    Private bank · Switzerland
  • Too few fund providers try to differentiate their products from their competitors. Different products are needed.

    Fund supermarket · Sweden
  • I think that the main driver for the industry will be the ability and capacity for product innovation.

    F-o-f manager · France
  • When it comes to product launches there’s a general lack of new thinking and innovation.

    IFA · Spain
  • What worries me is the industry’s tendency to take an existing idea and make it unnecessarily complicated. We need newer thinking.

    IFA · UK

Unique observations, actions needed.

With over 25 years top-level industry experience the authors of Product Innovation Perspectives know how to dissect the key themes and uncover the key points needed to plot your next course.

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